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Watermelon ice cream free pattern bibibonbon


Hello my crochet friends. This is my little gift for you – the watermelon ice cream pattern. I hope you love this pattern.

This is a free crochet pattern design by bibibonbon. The pattern can not be sold in any form. You can make and sell the finished doll made from this pattern but please must mask (pattern design by bibibonbon or tag me on Instagram @bibibonbon.craft). If you like this pattern and would like to share it with everyone, please share the direct link to my blog post, do not repost or translate my patterns on your page without my permission. Have fun crochet time! Thank you!

– Yarn. Depends on your choice. I use Yarnart Jeans yarn (160m/50gr) with colors: red (51), green (82), beige (07), black (53) and white (64).
– Hook: size 2.3mm.
– Fiberfill for stuffing.
– Yarn needle, scissors.
– Ch: chain
– Sc: Single crochet
– Inc: Single crochet increase
– Dec: Single crochet decrease
– BLO: back loop only
– St/sts: Stitch/stitches
– ( … )*…: Repeat instructions in brackets … times
– [ … ]: number of stitches of each round


– See tutorial video here:

– Make Invisible Decrease crochet stitches to have a better result.

Let’s start!

Ch11. Start in the second chain from hook.
1. 9sc, 3sc into the last stitch, work on a long the other side: 8sc, inc [22]
2. inc, 8sc, 3inc, 8sc, 2inc [28]
3. sc, inc, 8sc, (inc, sc)*3, 8sc, (inc, sc)*2 [34]
4-17. 34sc [34]
18-19. Change to white yarn 34sc [34]
20-21. Change to green yarn 34sc [34]
22. sc, dec, 8sc, (dec, sc)*3, 8sc, (dec, sc)*2 [28]
23. dec, 8sc, 3dec, 8sc, 2dec [22]
Stuff the ice cream.
24. BLO 11dec [11]
25. BLO change to beige yarn 11sc [11]
26-33. 11sc [11]
Flatten the edges, crochet sc in next 5 sts through both layers.
Fasten off and weave in the yarn end.
Use black yarn to sew watermelon seeds.

I hope you have fun crochet time. If you like this pattern, do not forget to give it a review.
If you have any questions, whenever contact me:
– Website
– Facebook
– Instagram
– Email
– Etsy shop
– Ravelry
From bibibonbon with love.

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